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Posted By : Daniel Koh
World Dyslexia Awareness Week (WDAW)
Dyslexic Children Overreacting video by Truth About Dyslexia

Raising children with Dyslexia is a journey. Dyslexic children can be probe to overreact in certain situations. In this video, we look at how dyslexia impacts the children and how to help and overcome the challenges. Understanding this is key to helping your children. Awareness is a big key to Dyslexia.

Learning more about Dyslexia

This excellent short video by Truth About Dyslexia shows something that happens all too often when dealing with dyslexics.

Do these things happen with you children?

Understanding and dealing with dyslexia in the right way can help us to avoid misunderstandings.

Read about dyslexics and their behaviour here.


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