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Posted By : Daniel Koh
2020 School Holiday is Here

Book an appointment with us now!

Your child just turned 5 years old, they are in kindergarten or perhaps primary school and wants to improve on their reading for their oral exam.

Enroll your child for a week’s of

Davis™ Reading Programme for Young Learners.

Is your child having issues with dyslexia and dyscalculia?

Make use of this school holiday to have them corrected.

If you are not sure of what dyslexia and dyscalculia is like you may read more about the Signs of Dyslexia here.

Alternatively try this free online evaluation which takes about 15 minutes.

Teachers have been giving feedback to you that your child has difficulty staying on task or paying attention when spoken to?

Improve your child’s ability to maintain attention focus now with the

Davis™ Attention Mastery Programme.

Schedule a Free Consultation and we will advise on the programme best suited for your child’s needs.

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