November 2020 20
2020 School Holiday is Here
Posted By : Daniel Koh

Book an appointment with us now! Your child just turned 5 years old, they are in kindergarten or perhaps primary school and wants to improve on their reading for their oral exam. Enroll your child

October 2020 05
World Dyslexia Awareness Week (WDAW)
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Raising children with Dyslexia is a journey. Dyslexic children can be probe to overreact in certain situations. In this video, we look at how dyslexia impacts the children and how to help and overcome the

September 2020 24
Decipher Dyslexia
Posted By : Daniel Koh

This is just one example of the many difficulties a dyslexia could face while reading. Imagine having to decode an entire paragraph, page or worse a whole book. “Reading” like this is tedious and tired,

September 2020 02
Famous Dyslexic: Keanu Reeves
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“Because I had trouble reading, I wasn’t a good student” Keanu Reeves Best known for his role in the Matrix and John Wick, Keanu Reeves credits his acting to learning to cope with his dyslexia

August 2020 21
Problem Solvers
Posted By : Daniel Koh

Thinking out of the box Problem solving requires a combination of creativity and reasoning skills that many dyslexics excel at. Dyslexics tend to have unorthodox methods of solving problems and are more likely to take

August 2020 13
Free Dyslexia Evaluation Online
Posted By : Daniel Koh

Where can I get an assessment for Dyslexia? a) MOE psychologists (check with your child’s school) b) Referral from a polyclinic, which will then direct you to KKH, NUH or IMH, depending on the age

August 2020 01
COVID-19 Update
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In light of the COVID-19 situation we will be following the safety measures when we run our programmes. Temperature and hand sanitising will be done upon entry and a 1 metre safe distancing measure will

February 2020 22
Does life give you melons or lemons?
Posted By : Daniel Koh

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade ” Most people know the proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune. “When life gives you lemons,